Our approach promotes an understanding of the client’s desired outcome, and the potential risks and benefits of each matter, and we will scope our retainer accordingly.   This in turn allows our clients to allocate their resources to the matters which are most critical to their organisation.

Our fee arrangements are flexible and include:

  • Retainers, where we offer extra value in return for a periodic commitment by the client.  For example, on a monthly retainer we can offer significant extra resources within the retainer limit
  • Access to lawyers for short or long-term on-site engagements
  • Capped fees for work within a specified scope
  • Time cost billing
  • Daily or weekly rates for larger commitments
  • Tailored hourly rates to reflect the urgency of the engagement
  • Other variations – just ask!

Our hourly rates reflect the experience of each practitioner and the contribution they make to the matter.  We can provide details of our rates upon request. Our fees will always reflect the high standard of service we provide.