Technology & Communications

In addition to the examples listed on the Intellectual Property & Commercialisation page, our recent experience in this industry includes:

  • Settling submissions to the Senate Enquiry on the challenges posed by New Digital Media
  • Negotiating and preparing information technology contracts and acquisitions of local distributors for major companies
  • Preparing IT contracts including agreements to license, and advising on distribution agreement disputes

Geoff Rees is a past Board member of a major publicly listed radio network.  His appointment was part of the implementation of a major restructuring and change in strategic direction.  The restructuring was completed and the new direction was successfully implemented prior to takeover by one of the large national radio groups.  

Geoff was also Chairman of the company that formed and then listed Melbourne IT Limited.  In the course of that process he dealt with the Auditor-General, many public compliance issues and the media and was recognised in Butterworth’s Australian Legal Profile for his telecommunications work.